Wheat meal containing three types of germinated wheats or Balah
    Samgok Iedeun Wheat meal
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Wheat meal containing three types of germinated wheats or Balah
What is Balah Samgok Iedeun Wheat Meal?
The product name consists of Balah Samgok [germinated brown rice 10%, germinated black rice 10%, germinated glutinous brown rice 10%] and Iedeun (which means "good or beneficial"), representing honesty and healthy eatable.
1. Three types of germinated wheats 30% (full of nutrients) : Premium nutritious between meals containing three types of germinated wheats (brown rice, glutinous rice and black rice).
2. Five types of black food 20%(full of nutrients) : contain anthocyanin-rich black beans, rice, seaweed and sea mustard.
3. Six types of super foods 15.8%(six types of super foods) : contain [14 game changers] six types of ingredients (such as soybean, pumpkin, spinach, walnut and green tea), which are included into 14 types of super foods cited by Steven G's book in the U.S.
4. Origin, homegrown (homegrown agricultural produce): contain carefully selected homegrown agricultural produce to ensure food safety.
How to eat
1. Put 180 ml of water or milk into shaker.
2. Put a pack of Zen food (35 grams) into the water to stir.
3. Pour it into beautiful shape of cup to enrich flavor.
How to have it
Keep the product away from sunlight and in dry place with low temperature. Once it is kept open, take it immediately.
Anyone with allergy, asthma or any other sensitive responses should consult doctor before taking the product.
Checkpoints prior to purchase
Volume Contenst 350 g (35 g * 10units)
Ingredients and content Germinated brown rice10%,germinated black rice 10%, germinated glutinous brown rice 10%, fruit sugar, black bean (soybean, homegrown), barley, bean(soybean, homegrown), nut, corn, nonglutinous rice, rye, chestnut, Job's tears, corn, millet, black sesame, sesame, kelp, spinach, green tea, seaweed, pumpkin, broccoli, chlorella, walnut, perilla, ginko nut, safflower seed, jujube, carrot, Angelica Utilis Makoni, kale, yam, balloon flower, onion, apple, cabbage, mugwort, anchovy, shiitake, pine needles, potato, sweet potato, mulberry leaves and willford root

Nutrients Daily dose of 35 grams: 145kcal,
carbohydrate 26g(8%), fruit sugar11g, protein 5g(8%), fat 2.5g(5%),
saturated fat 0g(0%), trans fat 0g, cholesterol 0mg(0%),
sodium 35mg(2%) [ *(%) nutrient standards ]
The product does not belong to genetically modified food
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