35 types of black bean plus Zen food
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35 types of black bean plus Zen food
- 35 types of 100 percent home-grown beans
- Increased portion of black beans and black sesame in 35 types of
  Taekwang Zen food to enrich flavor and nutrients.
- Launched breakfast replacement by adding vegetable, seaweeds,
  nuts and fat & oils to 10 types of enriched wheats such as barley,
  brown rice, brown glutinous rice, black beans and Job's tears
How to eat
1. Put water or milk into shaker.
2. Put 40 grams of black bean plus No. 35 (two big spoonfuls) into the water and stir.
3. Pour it into a beautiful shape of cup to further enrich flavor
Checkpoints prior to purchase
Volume Content 1 kg * 1
Ingredients and content heats: brown rice(home-grown)26.8%, nonglutinous rice(home-grown)17.9%, barley(home-grown)13.8%,
Black bean(soybean, home-grown) 8.9%, white corvania(soybean, home-grown), corn and glutinous brown rice, rye, black rice and Job's tears
Vegetable: dry pumpkin(home-grown), carrot{carrot(home-grown )95%, grape sugar 5%},
spinach(home-grown), yam(home-grown), onion(home-grown), cabbage{cabbage(home-grown)95%, grape sugar 5%}, broccolli(home-grown), Angelica Utilis Makino(homegrown), kale(homegrown),
Green tea(homegrown)
Fruit : apple (homegrown)
Potato : Potato(homegrown), sweet potato(homegrown)
Seaweed: kelp(homegrown), seaweed(homegrown)
Nuts: walnut(homegrown), chestnut(homegrown), bean(homegrown) and pine nut(homegrown), ginko nut(homegrown)
Fat & oils: black sesame(homegrown)5.8%, sesame seed(homegrown), perilla seeds (homegrown)
Wild plants: pine needles(homegrown), shiitake(homegrown)
Wild plants: pine needles(homegrown), shiitake(homegrown)
The product does not belong to genetically modified food
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