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Well Being Taekwang foods
Taekwang Foods, specializing in making Sunsik (herbal meal) and Misukaru (powder made of mixed grains), has accumulated expertise in the area of well-being foods since 1979, the year when the company started operation "Mirim Jebun." Under the slogan "Eatables bred by the nature", the company has dedicated itself towards developing foods with minimal additives and chemical ingredients. This has led the company to position itself as a leading player in the domestic well-being food market. In addition, our effort to spread the use of well-being foods has had out to great effect, making Sunsik an essential part of consumers' dietary life and galvanizing consumption of home-grown agricultural produce.

Taekwang Foods

Taekwang Foods, with constant awareness of customer needs for more nature-friendly and environment friendly foods, has acquired HACCP certification in 2013 to gain undisputed credibility in hygiene. The company is currently undertaking a project that started in 2012 to build additional facilities featuring cutting edge food technology in Sangju, North Gyeongsang Province. As the first company to achieve full operation ratio in the country, Taegwang will have had infallibly hygienic facilities with a capacity of 6,000 tons per year, outperforming domestic competitors in terms of capacity.

We promise to meet and exceed customer expectations to produce trustworthy healthy foods and provide differentiated services.
Thank you.

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