Well-baked wheat meal Cereal
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Well-baked wheat meal Cereal
45 percent is made with tasty brown rice that's beneficial for health Processing is minimalized to maximize the nutrients that each type of wheat contains . In addition to the seven types of homegrown wheat, it also has fruit, nuts, raisins and cranberries!!
How to eat
1. Open a pack and put the content into milk or soybean milk.
2. Use the wheat mean as topping for Zen food.
Keep the product away from sunlight and in a dry place with low temperature. If the product remains open, bugs or alien materials are likely to infiltrate the pack. We recommend you to eat immediately after the pack is opened. Anyone with allergy, asthma or any other sensitive responses should consult doctor before taking the product. When you experience any illegal or poor quality of food products, dial 1399.
Consumers are entitled to request product exchange or compensation in accordance with Consumer Dispute Resolution Criteria under the Framework Act on Consumer.
Checkpoints prior to purchase
Volume brown rice (homegrown) 45%, glutinous brown rice (homegrown)16.9%, black rice (homegrown) 5%, black bean (soybean, homegrown) 5%, bean(soybean, homegrown) 5%. nut(homegrown), almond(U.S.), raisin {raisin(U.S.)99.5%, botanical oil(sunflower seed oil)}, cranberry {cranberry(U.S.)55%, refined sugar, sunflower seed oil}, germinated brown rice(homegrown), Job's tears(homegrown), apple dried in a frozen state(homegrown), strawberry dried in a frozen state(homegrown), Enzymatically Modified Stevia Glucosyl Stevia
Ingredients and content Daily dose of 35gram: 145kcal, carbohydrate 26g(8%), lactose 11g, protein 5g(8%), fat 2.5g(5%), saturated fat 0g(0%), trans fat 0g, cholesterol 0mg(0%), sodium 35mg(2%) [ *(%) nutrient standards ]
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