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Why is BI important?

BI, representing Taegwang Zen food (herbal meal), is synonymous with Taekwang's pride and determination to promote Zen food as a specialized company.

BI represents Taekwang Zen food (herbal meal) made from organic produce harvested with the help of sunlight and other natural conditions serving as a reminder of our environment-friendly corporate image. The calligraphy design is aesthetically beautiful and emphatic for increased readability. It is effective in drawing attention in harmony with the illustration that delivers stable impression. It expresses Taekwang Foods' determination to provide healthy foods by being as one with nature, creating a funny yet impressive symbol.
Taekwang Zen food Mark
We selected sunlight and earth as symbols of Taekwang (great light) Foods to maximize our external environment-friendly image. By the featuring logo symbolizing Taekwang Zen food, it illustrates our slogan "Eatables bred by the nature."
Logo type
The calligraphy design aesthetically beautiful and emphatic increases readability and is effective in drawing attention, delivering the company's refreshing image.
BI color
It shows three colors in harmony to symbolize nature.
Light brown - Symbolizes the dazzling sun which
     stands in contrast with dazzling red sunlight
Green - Symbolizes the green land as a part of
     nature its in primitive state
Brown - Symbolizes environment-friendly
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