Beauty suncoll containing collagen
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Beauty suncoll containing collagen
What is Beauty suncoll?
Beauty suncoll is an abbreviated form of Beauty Zen food Collagen, a brand new powder type of Zen food mixture produced by Taekwang and technically supported by Korea Food Research Institute.
Beauty suncoll containing collagen
What is Beauty suncoll?
Beauty suncoll is next-generation and new concept of Zen food combining existing popular Zen food with collagen to help people maintain health in the belief that in a contemporary society where people frequently skip meals under exposure to a variety of stresses, nothing is more valuable than health. What is powder type of Zen food?
Unlike existing Zen food containing grains that are insoluble in water or milk, the powder type is easy to use by enabling one to chew it anytime and anywhere, which revolutionized the way that Zen food exists.
Why does it contain milk calcium?
In case of Zen food that lacks anchovy for tastier experience, the dark side is that it is short of calcium. By adding calcium extracted from milk, it filled the hole to keeps nutrient balance.
Why does it contain Vitamin C?
When Vitamin C is absent, collagen, though generated, is easily decomposed by enzyme and hardly functions normally. Only when accurate portion of Vitamin C is involved can the collagen function normally.
What is fish collagen?
Protein accounts for 16 percent of one's body weight, about a third of which consists of collagen. Collagen is an inborn element, which starts to fade away from our body around the age of 25 on average. When one turns 40, the portion of collagen is halved compared with the level seen in their 20s, prompting the aging process. Beauty suncoll contains a low powder-type fish collagen that can be easily absorbed by the body.
How to eat
1. Chewable Zen food : Pour the content directly into your mouth.
2. Milk Zen food: Pour the content into milk and stir it lightly before taking it.
3. Coffee Zen food: Mix water (200ml), coffee and the content in the ratio of 3:7.
4. Fruit Zen food: Mix the content with 100 ml of water or ice cubes as well as half of an apple and a banana and then pour them into mixer.
5. Nutritious Rice Zen food : Put the content into a bowl of cooked rice and mix it to eat.
How to have it
Keep the product away from sunlight and keep it in a dry place with low temperature.
1. Dad who likes fishing
2. Mom who likes sporting activity
3. Commuters who often skip breakfast
4. Students who stay late at night to study
Anyone with allergy, asthma or any other sensitive responses should consult doctor before taking the product. When you experience any illegal or poor quality of food products, dial 1399.
Consumers are entitled to request product exchange or compensation in accordance with Consumer Dispute Resolution Criteria under the Framework Act on Consumer.
Checkpoints prior to purchase
Volume Content 340 g [17 g * 20 units]
Ingredients and content Refined sugar, botanical cream(milk) (starch syrup. palm oil, sweet whey powder, glycerin ester fatty acid, 2nd potassium phosphate, glutinous barley(homegrown), brown rice(homegrown), corn, black bean (soybean), bean (soybean), glutinous brown rice, sorghum, collagen, 2.01%, nonglutinous rice, black sesame, Job's tears, sesame, glutinous millet, nut, chestnut, perilla seeds, potato, spinach, cabbage, onion, sweet potato, kelp, yarm, apple, pine needles,, Angelica Utilis Makino, pine nut, kale, embryo bud of rice, walnut, homegrown, salt, mil calcium(U.S.) 0.3%,
Vitamin (UK)C 0.1%

The product does not belong to genetically modified food
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