Cheonma(gastrodia) Warm Zen food
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Cheonma(gastrodia) Warm Zen food
What is Cheonma(gastrodia) Warm Zen food?
Cheonma(gastrodia) Warm Zen food is a portable hot meal that is available during winter anytime and anywhere. The product delivers heartwarming feeling to anyone who eats it.
- Zen food that goes with hot water and milk during winter
- Zen food that contains home-grown Cheonma(gastrodia) (known as
  Chinese yam in English) beneficial to health
How to eat
1. Put 130 ml of hot water or milk into a bowl
2. Put a piece of Cheonma(gastrodia) Warm Zen food (35g) into the water and stir before eating.
How to have it
Keep the product away from sunlight and in a dry place with low-temperature. After eating, remember to put a lid on it.
Anyone with allergy, asthma or any other sensitive responses should consult doctor before taking the product. When you experience any illegal or poor quality of food products, dial 1399. The product is produced by the same facility as the food product consisting of soybeans, peanuts, wheats, buckwheat and shrimp is produced.
Consumers are entitled to request product exchange or compensation in accordance with Consumer Dispute Resolution Criteria under the Framework Act on Consumer.
Checkpoints prior to purchase
Volume Volume 350 g
Ingredients and content Cheonma(gastrodia) (yam) plus alpha 10.5%{Cheonma(gastrodia)10.9%(home-grown), Yam 30%(home-grown), black rice(homegrown), botanical cream,
dextrine}, fruit sugar, botanical cream {starch syrup, palm oil(Malaysia), sweet whey powder (milk, U.S.), lactose,
sodium casein}, glutinous rice12%(home-grown), seon prizel (corn starch), processed peanut {peanut butter, starch sugar, botanical oil, sodium casein(milk), emulsifier(soybean), combined congener (bean odor)}, alphamibun,
black bean(soybean), fructooligosacharride, bean, almond, black sesame, mixed fruit powder, {mixed fruit concentrate (solid potion:16%)[ puree of mango, orange concentrate, pineapple concentrate, banana, pumpkin, lettuce, carrot, cucumber, broccoli, salary, cabbage, dextrine}, walnut, bakes salt
The product does not belong to genetically modified food
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